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On April 7, 2005, Elan Galler was diagnosed with epilepsy. The medical condition took over Elan’s and his family’s life. Because epilepsy affects the body physically, mentally and cognitively, the Galler Family came together as a cohesive unit to help Elan through his struggle. During this process they realized a disconnect between reality and the negative perceptions of the medical condition. Along their journey, the Gallers also noticed funding for epilepsy research lags behind other neurological afflictions; thus they decided to form an organization that enhances awareness and education of the medical condition.

“I always wanted to do something related to epilepsy. Our work at Hope Time Cure has been a good avenue for me to do that. Our focus is to build awareness of one of the most neglected and misunderstood diseases.”

– Elisha Galler, Elan’s older brother



Elan Galler was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 4 years old.


Meital Galler (Elan's older sister) and her family created Hope TIme Cure as a community service project connected to the celebration of her Bat Mitzvah. Meital designed the Hope Time Cure logo, and raised money through the sale of silver logo charms.


Elisha (Elan's older brother) was in his last year of high school when he created "Purple Day Boston" for his senior community service project. This focused on epilepsy awareness and education in several schools in the Boston area and in the community at large. This tradition was started by Cassidy Megan, who created Purple Day and continues to this day.


Team Purple was created with 30 runners participating in the Jerusalem Marathon in support of Hope Time Cure and epilepsy awareness.


Birth of Run 4 Purple: with close to 100 runners signed up to run the Jerusalem Marathon on March 13, 2015.


Hope Time Cure remembers dear friend Ezra Schwartz who was killed in Israel on Nov. 19 2015. Ezra planned to Run4Purple and the team is dedicated in his memory. Run4Purple has 150 runners and raises over $135,000.


Elan Galler, the inspiration behind the creation of the Hope Time Cure Epilepsy Foundation, runs his first 10K as part of Run4Purple


Run4Purple is cancelled for the first time since its creation due to COVID-19


Run4Purple launches its Virtual race

Our Mission

The Hope Time Cure Epilepsy Foundation's mission is to promote epilepsy awareness, education and to provide support to individuals with epilepsy and their families. Epilepsy should not be feared or stigmatized. It is a condition that deserves understanding and compassion and we aim to help.

Hope Time Cure is a place where our work enhances the life experiences of those affected by epilepsy. Hope Time Cure was founded by a family that dealt with the effects of epilepsy and wants to create change for a better life. Our focus is to help end the negative perceptions of the condition, provide resources for those affected, and educate those experiencing epilepsy and how to overcome the challenges created by the seizures.

There are 200,000 new cases of epilepsy each year, almost 50,000 of them are children. Hope Time Cure was created to help raise awareness for this medical condition to help children lead a normal life.

Strategic Partners

Massachusetts General Hospital
Pediatric Epilepsy Program under the direction of Elizabeth Thiele, M.D., Phd.